Treasury Management


​Comerica understands that one of the biggest challenges of managing a business is gathering and processing receivables, which can be time-consuming and costly for companies of any size. That is why Comerica’s receivables solutions utilize state-of-the-art technology to help your company accelerate processing, receive electronic reporting, access payment information online and monitor your organization’s cash position.


Efficiency, security and reliability create the foundation of Comerica’s payable treasury management solutions. These powerful payable solutions add value to your organization by utilizing advanced technology to distribute funds quickly and efficiently while helping to protect against fraudulent payments.

Information Management

Maintaining awareness of your organization’s account transfers, wire activity and cash position is essential to having a finely tuned financial position. That’s why Comerica’s information management systems are designed to accelerate activity data, streamline operations and help you make forecasting and planning decisions.

Liquidity Management

Through our long history of commercial banking, Comerica understands that streamlining your cash flow information is crucial to efficient money management. Our proactive liquidity management solutions offer cost-effective tools to improve your cash flow and create new business opportunities.

Fraud Protection

Securing transactions and in turn, the livelihood of your organization is among the most crucial business moves you can make. Comerica’s powerful fraud prevention solutions are designed from our depth of experience and utilize innovative technology to deliver peace of mind to your organization while it conducts business.