Streamline your receivables.

Gain efficiency and get paid faster.

As the world of payments becomes more diverse and complicated, it’s critical to have a treasury management advisor who can help you simplify and automate your receivables to give you faster access to the cash that keeps your business moving forward.

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Comerica Integrated Receivables®

Eliminate redundancy and busy work.

Combine electronic and check payments into one transmission file, in the format your accounting or ERP system needs.

Eliminate invoice and remittance matching, and take advantage of payment reassociation driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Our time-saving platform achieves straight through processing with a high level of reconciliation to keep you moving.

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Comerica Business Deposit Capture®

Skip the bank visit.

Make your deposits teller-free. Now you can scan images of checks right from your office or use a mobile device from anywhere. Your transmitted deposits can enter the collection stream faster and with less effort, cost and risk.

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Merchant Services

Stay current with payment tools designed for today’s modern world.

To get started, contact your Comerica Bank representative today.

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How Integrated Receivables with Payment Reassociation Helped McNaughton-McKay Electric Company

Managing receivables is a necessary, time-consuming and labor-intensive task that a business can’t afford to ignore. McNaughton-McKay Electric Company turned to Comerica to streamline and turn this complex task into a cost-effective and efficient process.

Learn more about Comerica’s commitment to business.

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Lockbox services

Speed up payment processing.

Decrease float and automate the payment posting process using state-of-the-art imaging technology. Comerica’s lockbox services are designed to accelerate the conversion of your company’s receivables into available funds. Regardless of your volume or payment amounts, Comerica has a lockbox service that will fit your company’s situation.

Wholesale lockbox icon
Wholesale lockbox

For low- to mid-volume, high-dollar business-to-business payments

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Lockbox plus coupon

For high-volume, low-dollar payments with OCR readable coupons

Classic and classic plus lockbox icon
Classic and classic plus lockbox

For processing a low volume of payments

Comerica Easy Pay

Let your customers pay their way.

Comerica Easy Pay provides your customers an online self-service method to conveniently submit payments how they want.

Customers can make one-time payments or schedule and manage recurring payments and view statements.

This white-label, feature-rich system accommodates a wide variety of payment channels and payment methods, like API, social media, pay by text, IVR, Alexa and call center, and it scales to meet your and your customers’ changing needs.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

ACH is a reliable and efficient method for receiving consumer and business payments. Establishing a debit origination program with your customers helps to improve cash flow by providing a reliable receipt of payments while reducing costs associated with paper-based collections.

Electronic Data Interchange

Add efficiency and accuracy to your payments.

Accelerate collections and payment processing while reducing paperwork and administrative expenses. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standardizes the exchange of documents between business partners. It efficiently allows receipt of electronic payments because valuable remittance data, such as invoice numbers, reference numbers, discount amounts and more, can be attached to your ACH payments. EDI facilitates secure transmissions directly to or from Comerica, including key transactions sets such as auto, healthcare, etc.

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