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Stay in the know, and protect against fraud.

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s not a matter of if, but when, your company will be a target of fraud. Comerica’s fraud protection services are designed to help you monitor and control your accounts to prevent fraud before it happens.

Our solutions offer added security and control over check and ACH transactions, giving you power and peace of mind.

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Positive Pay

Effectively guard against check fraud by sending us your check issue and void information file. When an incoming check does not match your files, your team has the opportunity to decide whether to pay or return the item. Our optional payee match feature adds a layer of security by matching against the payee name field. An additional service can notify you via email each day about suspect items for your review.

Comerica ACH Positive Pay

Monitor and control your ACH activity with the ability to accept or reject ACH items before they post to your account. Create rules to automatically accept or reject transactions based on amount, sender, or other criteria. An additional service can notify you via email each day about open transaction decisions.

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