Interest checking combined with cash management

Comerica MaximizeTM

Make the most for your bottom line with our powerful package that combines interest bearing checking and cash management solutions to elevate your business.

The ultimate low-cost, interest-earning solution!

Comerica Maximize is a unique combination of interest-bearing checking accounts and cash management solutions designed to save you time and make your money work harder for you.

Access powerful tools to conveniently protect against fraud and manage your payments, receivables, loans and more.

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Deposit more. Earn more.

With Comerica Maximize Checking 

Open up to four Comerica Maximize Checking accounts to earn interest on your excess balances after fees are offset by the Earnings Credit Allowance (ECA). The higher your balance, the more you save on checking and cash management fees and the more you earn with tiered rates.1, 2

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Conveniently make payments

Initiate wire transfers, recurring or ad hoc ACH transactions, Real-Time Payments, account transfers, stop payments and more. 3

Manage your payables online or by our mobile app quickly and easily, right from your personalized control center with Comerica Treasury Payments ®. 

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Access information reporting

Quickly and easily monitor current and prior-day account balances, statements, transaction information and more with Comerica Treasury Information Reporting®

Accessible through desktop or our mobile app, this simple and intuitive experience, enables you to configure a dashboard that feeds you the top-line information you need, activate search filters to focus on what you need, quickly drill into details, and generate standard or custom reports. These reports can be scheduled and sent via secure email. 

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Deposit checks remotely

Skip the bank visit and make your deposits remotely with Comerica Business Deposit Capture®. Scan images of checks right from your office or use a mobile device from anywhere.4 Your transmitted deposits can enter the collection stream faster, helping accelerate your cash flow with less effort, cost and risk.

Protect against check and ACH fraud

Positive Pay for checks

Effectively help guard against check fraud by sending us your check issue and void information file. When an incoming check does not match your files, your team has the opportunity to decide whether to pay or return the item.

Our payee match feature adds a layer of security by matching against the payee name field. Our alert service can also notify you via email each day about suspect items for your review.

Positive Pay for ACH

Monitor and control your ACH activity with the ability to accept or reject ACH items before they post to your account. Create rules to automatically accept or reject transactions based on amount, sender, or other criteria. Our alert service can also notify you via email each day about pending transaction decisions. 

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Manage loans with ease

Request loan advances and make payments online, plus get on-demand access to account information including real-time loan balances, transaction history, billing statements, interest rates and more.

Comerica Loan Management incorporates a complete suite of reporting tools, together with a robust dashboard that provides snapshots of critical information vital for smart business decisions. 

Comerica Maximize

The ultimate low-cost, interest-earning solution.

Get started today with easy enrollment.5

1Complete fees, ECA rates and interest rates are available through a Comerica Treasury Management Officer.

2Interest is earned on the Comerica Maximize Checking average ledger balance for any monthly statement cycle where the Earnings Credit Allowance (ECA) offsets all fees and is calculated and paid through Account Analysis only on balances in excess of those required to offset all checking and cash management fees by the ECA.  Complete fees, ECA rates and interest rates are available through a Comerica Treasury Management Officer.

3Real-Time Payments is provided through The Clearing House RTP Network. The Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) and National Automated Clearinghouse Association (NACHA) are not affiliated with Comerica Bank.

4One time scanner charge is not included.

5Timing may vary and is subject to, but not limited to, qualification requirements, completion of onboarding, implementation and legal documentation.