Industry Services

Advisors, not just bankers

At Comerica, we understand that every industry faces unique challenges and circumstances. For 174 years, we've been dedicated to helping companies across hundreds of specialties and industries to address their specific needs. Our advisors provide the extensive knowledge, insight and resources your company deserves.

At Comerica Bank, we are in the business of building long-term relationships. Partnerships are a two-way street and are built on a mutual understanding of a business and its operations. Comerica takes the time to research and learn about each industry we serve, forming specialized teams that can understand the unique needs and challenges of each industry. No matter the business size, Comerica has a personalized and expertly backed solution.

Mike Ritchie, EVP, Head of National and Special Businesses, understands the value of partnerships and how Comerica plays an integral part in today’s complex business world.

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