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Get flexible financing fast.

Loans that aren’t just personal. They’re personalized.

No matter what your goals, a Comerica personal loan can help get you there.

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Pay down debt faster.

Consolidate credit cards and other high-interest balances at a lower rate, so you can pay down debt faster.

Fund a special purchase.

Break up the cost of a vehicle, computer or other large one-time expense into smaller, more manageable payments.

Finance a major expense.

Pay for home repairs, cover moving expenses or even use a personal loan to finance your wedding.

Cover unexpected or emergency expenses.

Take care of unanticipated medical bills, education expenses or business costs, without having to worry.

Features and services to help you reach your goals

Low, competitive interest rates
Low, competitive interest rates

Get a flexible, fixed-rate loan with lower rates compared to a credit card

No collateral required
No collateral required

Pay for what you need without putting up your home or car as collateral

Quick access to funds
Quick access to funds

Apply, get approved and get access to the funds you need – fast

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Personal Finance Insights

Loans are subject to credit approval.