Security Commitment

Our Commitment to Your Security.

At Comerica, we’re committed to keeping your accounts and personal information as secure as possible. Our online banking systems use various methods, tools, and processes to accomplish this, including:

Encryption:  Once you begin the login process, the exchange of information over the Internet is encrypted. This means the information is scrambled in such a way that it cannot be read by anyone other than you and Comerica.

Automatic Logoff: If no action is taken for a preset interval, your session will be automatically terminated and you will be logged off.

Authentication:  Some systems may require enhanced authentication from time to time to verify a user’s credentials or activity.

Dual approval:  Some systems may require one individual to initiate a payment and a second individual to approve it.

Constant Monitoring: We monitor our systems to prevent any potential problems that could compromise security or privacy.

For information on how you can protect yourself or your business, including computer safety and security best practices, visit our Fraud Center(Opens a new window).