Comerica Biometric Data Policy

What is Biometric Information?

A biometric identifier is an identifier related to a person’s human characteristics, which can be used to uniquely identify that person. Common forms of biometric identifiers that you may use in your daily life include fingerprints, veins in your palm, face recognition, voice recognition, and iris or retina recognition. When Comerica talks about “Biometric Information,” we are referring to any biometric identifiers we may collect about you in order to identify you as part of the account opening process, in servicing your account or in providing you other financial services.

How does Comerica collect your Biometric Information?

From time to time you may have the option to provide certain Biometric Information using Comerica’s proprietary systems or through protocols provided by a third-party vendor engaged by Comerica. For example, to open an account online, we may capture your Biometric Information through a selfie taken on a mobile device and then encrypt such data which will be temporarily stored on data servers and used to authenticate your identity. We may also collect Biometric Information by recording your unique voiceprint. Voiceprints are collected using biometric technology that analyzes unique physical traits of the vocal tract. A voiceprint is not a recording, or something that can be stolen. It cannot be used to gain access to any other system or to create a recording of your voice.

Is your Biometric Information secure?

Comerica takes the security of your Biometric Information seriously. Comerica and its third-party vendors implement industry-standard data security technology to protect your Biometric Information. Please read our Online Privacy Practices if you would like to see how we protect your Biometric Information.

How does Comerica use your Biometric Information?

When you open an account online, you may provide Biometric information via a selfie photo using a mobile device. Your Biometric information will be encrypted and compared, via an algorithm, to an image captured from your photo ID. If it is a match, your identity is authenticated, and you will be able to proceed with the next step required to open an online account. You may also have the opportunity to use your voiceprint as a password to facilitate authentication of your identity. Once your voiceprint is captured, it will be stored for future use. Then, the next time you call, and for all the calls after (as long as you wish to remain enrolled), you can verify your identify simply by using your voiceprint instead of answering the usual security questions.

Does Comerica share or sell your Biometric Information?

Comerica does not sell your Biometric Information to any third parties. In some cases, Comerica may use third-party vendors. Comerica only shares your Biometric Information to such vendors if the vendor has a legitimate need to have it and as long as those needs are related to the provision of your services. Comerica has agreements with any vendor that will receive your Biometric Information that require them to keep your Biometric Information confidential and secure.

How long does Comerica keep your Biometric Information?

Biometric Data used in the online account opening process is kept for up to seven (7) days after your identity is authenticated before it is permanently destroyed. Voiceprints are retained for as long as you remain enrolled in the applicable Service.

For more information about our collection, use and storage of your Biometric Information, please see our Online Privacy Practices.