Cost-Conscious Business Cyber Security Advice [Infographic]

Cost-Conscious Business Cyber Security Advice [Infographic]

Cyber security should be a top priority for every business, and especially for larger enterprises. The risk presented by a data breach or cyber attack led by hackers can be incredibly serious.

Significant investments in cyber security are crucial for putting the technological barriers in place that cut off or mitigate the severity of an attack. However, there are many potential improvements to a company’s cyber security strategy that don’t require major funding or complex adjustments to an existing budget.

Our infographic, “Cost-Conscious Business Cyber Security Advice,” offers quick-hit pieces of advice that you and your IT and security staff can build on to address common digital vulnerabilities. While these suggestions require some effort in terms of coordination and planning, they won’t incur major financial costs.

Bringing staff up to speed on best practices like regularly changing passwords and identifying the signs of a phishing scam can go a long way, for example. When employees know about basic cyber security best practices, they may be less likely to fall for common scams. All this process requires are occasional meetings with and follow-up messages from a cyber security leader in your organization. You can find four more low-cost tips to thwart threats in our infographic.

Comerica Bank is committed to providing our customers with effective, relevant, easy-to-use and secure banking services and treasury management tools. We are here to assist your business with its financial oversight needs while complementing your cyber security efforts. To learn more, contact our middle market banking specialists.

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