May 20, 2020

4 Easy Steps for Preventing Chargebacks [eBook]

Credit card chargebacks are the stuff of nightmares for all types of merchants. Whether the dispute is valid or not, many businesses must go through the rigorous and arduous process of resolving disputes. That makes it all the more important for merchants to take steps aimed at preventing chargebacks.

Takes a mix of tools and leadership

Fraud can come in many forms, from identity theft to friendly fraud. It's imperative your employees are able to identify red flags and the type of fraud that is occurring: next steps will depend on what the source of the chargeback is. To help prevent this from happening, be sure to require as much identity verification as possible (e.g., address verification, photo ID, phone number, security code).

However, equipping your workforce with the knowledge to address fraud, not just the tools, is also important. Training employees and engaging them on best practices will help ensure you can execute on a chargeback strategy, provide better customer service and recover losses. 

4 easy steps for preventing

Want to learn more about the exact steps to take?

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