Comerica Healthcare Receivables AutomationTM

Payment and patient encounter processing for healthcare needs.

Comerica understands the challenges of healthcare payment processing. The sheer number of payments, data received, forms and the mandated regulatory compliance and control process can become inefficient and time consuming. Fortunately, Comerica offers a healthcare receivables automation solution designed to help healthcare providers, billers, payers and other companies control their payments processing and encounter information in a more efficient and effective manner. We can work with your company to tailor solutions that will help lower the administrative burden and help to bring healthcare expenses under control while providing you with a HIPAA/HITECH compliant service.

Features include

  • Automated reconciliation of financial and encounter information
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) conversion
  • Claims submission management
  • Workflow based on rules you define
  • Easy to navigate workflow queues
  • Intelligent reporting and analytics across multiple sources
  • Increased employee productivity focused on exemption items
  • Electronic posting of payment and encounter information
  • Works with all Practice Management Solutions (billing systems)