Because customer satisfaction and timeliness are always a priority, our Account Reconcilement Plan (ARP) is an automated service that organizes check information—both paid and outstanding—allowing you, our client, to reconcile your bank accounts in an efficient, economical, and expedient manner.   

Features include:

  • Eliminates the time and expense of manually reconciling accounts
  • Reconcilement matches your statement cycle to meet your needs—weekly, bimonthly, or monthly.
  • Receipt of bank statements-- with your detailed reconcilement information
  • Additional reporting options for reconcilement data include direct transmission, Bank Reports in Comerica Treasury Information Reporting and  Comerica TM Connect File Transfer®, or CD-ROM.
  • Adjustment for encoding errors and check misreads are automatically processed for your account

Please note: Account Reconcilement service is not available for use with bank accounts opened in Florida.