Premier lending for our wealth management clients.

Personalized lending service is one of the premier benefits of being a Comerica Wealth Management client1,2. Whether you’re looking to build a new home or need financing for a professional practice, our private bankers will assess your unique needs and create tailored solutions that meet your goals. Our Private Banking group’s lending services include relationship pricing, quick response times, custom payment schedules and thoughtful advice on the use of a loan versus liquidating an investment. 

Lending Services1

When life leads you to borrow, look no further than Comerica. Work with a private banker to arrange custom financing for art work, an office building or any other personal or business purpose.

Mortgage Services1

Buying or refinancing a home can be an investment in your family, lifestyle, dreams and future. You've put time, thought and hope into your vision of making your house a home, so financing through a source who understands the importance of your home is key to achieving that goal.


1 All loans and lines of credit are subject to credit approval.

2 To be a Comerica Wealth Management client, you must meet at least one of the following eligibility requirements listed below:
   - $250,000 in existing Comerica deposits
   - $500,000 in existing Comerica lending relationship. Excludes residential mortgages and equity loans.
   - Existing Comerica Trust or Investment Advisory Relationship
   - $1 Million in investable assets (including liquid or 401K) or $500,000 in household income