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Comerica Deposit Services can help you get the most from your finances. Comerica Private Banking offers a full range of deposit services designed to help optimize your funds while keeping them convenient and accessible. You’ll work with a private banker to determine the right accounts for your unique needs and ensure you’re on the road to meeting your banking goals. Learn more about Comerica Deposit Services and which options are right for you.​​​​​​​​​

  Rich Rewards® Checking Premier Checking Comerica Platinum Circle Checking®
Account​ Description1

An interest-bearing checking account that makes you eligible for a Statement Savings Account without a monthly maintenance fee​

An interest-bearing checking account that makes you eligible for a Statement Savings Account or Money Market Investment Account (MMIA) without a monthly maintenance fee​

An account with the works: including preferred rates, a dedicated service line and a Comerica Wealth Management Debit Card or ATM Card with higher withdrawal limits than a standard Comerica Debit Card

Best for

Individuals who are looking for a more robust checking account with a minimum daily Ledger Balance2 of $5,000

Individuals with broader personal financial needs with a minimum daily Ledger Balance2 of $7,500

Individuals who maintain a $50,000 average daily Ledger Balance in any combination of personal or business deposit accounts8,9,10,11,12,13


​​Interest bearing checking

Comerica Web Banking® and Comerica Web Bill Pay® for no monthly fee3

Increased interest rate on new fixed rate CDs and IRAs with a term of one year or more4

Check Safekeeping or Check Photo​Options

Free Comerica Advantage checks

All the benefits of Rich Rewards Checking plus:

Your choice of a MMIA or Statement Savings Account with no monthly maintenance fee

Discounts on certain residential mortgage closing costs6

​Increased interest rate on new fixed rate CDs and IRAs with a term of one year or more7

All the benefits of Premier Checking plus:

Dedicated customer service number: 877.894.1592

Free checks of any style for private banking clients

Increased interest rate on new fixed rate CDs and IRAs with a term of 180 days or more7

Premium money market interest rates

Checking account with no monthly maintenance fee for a household member9

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1 For more information on account fees and terms and conditions please refer to the Personal Services and Charges Brochure and the Comerica Business & Personal Deposit Account Contract.

2 Ledger Balance is the balance in your account that reflects posted transactions, which include deposits, credits, withdrawals and other debits. 

3 There is no monthly fee for Comerica Web Bill Pay for Comerica Platinum Circle Checking, Rich Rewards Checking and Premier Checking package accounts. Fees may apply for using the Comerica External Transfer service and Comerica Person to Person Transfer service offered through Comerica Web Banking. Additional fees may apply for expedited payment delivery.

4 Interest rate adjustment applies to new funds not already on deposit with Comerica or any Comerica affiliate.

5 With Check Safekeeping your checks are not returned with your monthly bank statement. Although we destroy the checks, copies are kept for a limited time. You can receive a free copy of up to four checks per statement cycle; additional checks per statement cycle may incur a fee. With Comerica's CheckPhoto, you receive images of the front of your cancelled checks with your monthly statement.

6 Applicable discounts will be determined at time of application or loan closing. Loans are subject to completion of an application and credit approval. Current interest rate, fees and terms will be available at application.

7 Interest rate adjustment applies to new or existing money funds.​
8 Or a minimum combined balance of $2,500,000 each day in any combination of assets managed by Comerica Asset Management, in Private Banking loan balances or in Comerica Securities account balances.

9 The average daily Ledger Balance is calculated by adding the Ledger Balance in the Account for each day of the period and dividing that figure by the number of days in the period. One Comerica Platinum Circle Checking Account per $50,000 maintained in qualifying personal and business account balances. A maximum of three Comerica Platinum Circle Checking Account relationships per qualifying Account balances. Each Comerica Platinum Circle Checking Account owner is provide one free Comerica Platinum Circle Checking Account and one Access Checking Account, free of monthly maintenance fees, to any member of his or her household

10 If qualifying account balances are not maintained, one or more of the Comerica Platinum Circle Checking Accounts related to those balances may be converted to the Rich Rewards® Checking Account, at which time you may no longer qualify for Comerica Platinum Circle Checking benefits.

11 Qualifying business balances are restricted to the following types of account ownership: sole proprietorships, partnerships or closely-held corporations. Only owners, principals or managing partners of the business are eligible to open Comerica Platinum Circle Checking Accounts when utilizing business balances to qualify.

12 Residential mortgage loans are excluded.

13 The Checking Account portion of the Comerica Asset Management Account is offered by Comerica Bank.  Deposits will be FDIC insured to the extent permitted by law, only until they are used to invest in money market mutual funds or other securities.  See "Special Rules for Sweep Arrangements" section in the Comerica Business and Personal Deposit Account Contract.