With the right financing solutions, your business can thrive.

Businesses need a versatile flexible financing solution for all types of expenses.  Whether you need to pay for business travel, order office supplies, or looking to support your working capital, our Community Banking lines of credit offer the spending control and short-term financing solutions you need to improve your bottom line. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Community Banking Lines of Credit are design for your business.

  • Loan amounts from $10,000 - $500,0001
  • Manage daily operations and cash flow
  • Purchase inventory, equipment, or work vehicle for transportation
  • Expand business operations
  • Changes in supplier credit terms
  • Pre-season or project costs
  • Seasonal purchase of inventory 

With multiple collateral options you can choose the line thats right for you.  Collateral options include:

  • Cash, CD or Marketable Securities2
  • Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate or Owner Occupied Residential Real Estate3
  • General Business Assets
  • New or Existing Equipment or Vehicle
  • Investor Real Estate4
  • Unsecured 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What's more, when you sign-up for Comerica Loan Management, you’ll be able to request loan advances and make loan payments online as well as view up-to-date account information, including real-time loan balances, maturity dates, interest rates, transaction history, and loan advices (billing statements).

At Comerica, we've become the Leading Bank for Business5 by providing more than just banking basics.  Our needs-based consultative process is built around providing business advice and not just banking products.   






1 Loans are subject to credit approval.  Maximum loan amounts may apply.        

2 $10,000 ‐ $500,000 in pledged assets (brokerage account, statement savings or CD) must be held at Comerica to be eligible loan collateral. Maximum 20% most recent year's annual sales value in a Comerica Brokerage Account (at closing maximum LTV = 75%)

3 Texas legal statutes prohibit primary residences (homestead property) to be used as collateral for business loan purposes

4 Loans secured by investor property have a maximum business loan exposure of $250,000 

5 Comerica ranks first nationally among the top 25 U.S. financial holding companies, based on commercial and industrial loans outstanding as a percentage of assets, as of March 31, 2018.  Data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence.