Comerica Business Deposit Capture​​​​​​​​​​​​​​®​​​

Make check deposits faster.

Comerica Business Deposit Capture® (BDC)1 is a powerful tool that allows you to scan images of checks and deposit items for electronic delivery to your Comerica account. It’s a solution that lets you capture deposits at your office or via mobile devices. Your transmitted deposits can enter the collection stream faster and with less effort, cost, and risk. 


  • Improve funds availability – deposit checks the same day you receive them, until 11:00 p.m. ET for next day posting
  • Make fewer trips to the bank and spend less time away from the office
  • Enhance record keeping – use the capture process to update your accounts receivable, and to retain complete check images for your records
  • Improve customer service – retrieve stored check images for faster online research for 60 days
  • Consolidate regional or national deposits to a single account
  • Take advantage of custom deposit fields at no charge and key in remittance information, such as the invoice number associated with the payment, while making a deposit
Features include:
  • Works with various desktop check scanners, mobile devices or a combination of both to accommodate your volume and processing speed requirements
  • Validates scanned check quality and requires that deposits are balanced before transmitting
  • Applies additional controls if you require items or batches to be reviewed by other users
  • Reduces manual data keying by using CAR (courtesy amount recognition) and LAR (legal amount recognition) to capture the dollar amount
  • Interfaces with your company’s QuickBooks®2 software system
  • Provides deposit summary information through any of Comerica’s Treasury Management online information and reporting services

​1 Subject to qualification requirements.  Not all products/services available in all markets.

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