Lockbox Services

Comerica’s Lockbox Services are designed to accelerate the conversion of your company’s receivables into available funds while reducing mail and processing efforts. Regardless of your payment amounts or volume, Comerica has a lockbox service that will fit your company’s situation and help improve your cash flow.

Lockbox PlusTM Coupon

A lockbox service designed for companies that receive payments with OCR readable coupons that originate from your Payors or electronic payments originating from electronic bill pay services.

Features include:

  • Account Look-up- we take the accounts receivable file information that you have transmitted to Comerica and match up any payments received without coupons to the correct information provided.  This eliminates look-up, allowing the payment to post the same day.
  • Online Exceptions- allows for a timely resolution of unmatched account receivable file exceptions through an online interface.
  • Credit Card Processing- provides payment options for remitter (payors).

Comerica has Lockbox Plus Coupon sites in Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Oakland,  Miami and New York. Additional sites may be available upon request.

Wholesale Lockbox

A lockbox service designed to quicken the collection of an organization’s receivables, increase efficiencies, and report information extracted during processing. This service eliminates corporate backroom deposit processing by routing mail containing payments directly to the bank of deposit.

Features include:    

  • Account Receivable File- a customized daily file to allow for direct updating of your account receivable system.
  • Image File Transfer- allows customers to populate their in-house archive with images from their lockbox.
  • Online Image Access- gives immediate data for customer service, collections and release of goods decisions.

Classic and Classic Plus

A basic lockbox service for businesses that process a low volume of payments.

Comerica has Wholesale, Classic and Classic Plus Lockbox sites in Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles and San Jose.