​Electronic payment alternatives for your customers. Without all the overhead.​

Comerica Easy Pay is a low-cost, high-volume solution that allows you to offer your customers invaluable convenience when making payments. It’s a simple system designed for government agencies, associations, utilities, universities and companies to offer bill payers a suite of electronic payment alternatives without making large investments in the infrastructure and staff to support these services. Comerica Easy Pay will help your company gain control of its payment processes while improving funds availability and saving time and costs.

Payment options

By Internet

Comerica will establish a website for your business where your customers can securely make payments 24/7 through their own personal accounts. Companies can also choose to have a mobile application established. Once a payment is made, your company’s customer will receive instant confirmation for his or her records.

By phone

Using a safe and secure interactive voice response system, your customers can call a toll-free number that will navigate them through the payment process. 

Fraud Prevention

Comerica Easy Pay features fraud prevention and security measures that help make it safe for both you and your customers

  • ZIP code verification
  • Online authorization
  • Parameters with minimum and/or maximum dollar limits and number of payments per period​