Zero Balance Service

Easily consolidate cash between your company’s accounts.

Comerica's Zero Balance service is an optional feature of our checking accounts that allows for deposits in the master account to fund debits in other accounts. At the end of each business day, excess deposits are automatically moved from the master account to fund the other accounts, or moved from accounts with the Zero Balance feature to the master account. This eliminates the need for internal bank account transfers. All of this requires no time or effort on your part, since the funds are transferred automatically each business night.

Features and benefits include:

  • Multiple accounts with the Zero Balance feature can be associated with each master account, which enables centralized control and monitoring
  • Multi-tiered relationships, where an account is both a master and an account with the Zero Balance feature, allows for a flow of funds throughout your account structure
  • Flexibility in defining the statement period allows you to receive statements as often as you need to meet your specific information requirements