Streamlined EDI transactions. Tailored to your business needs.

The automated collection and payment processes we offer through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) have multiple advantages: you accelerate payment and collection, operate more efficiently, enjoy greater flexibility, and save time and money. 

On both ends of transmissions, data is received, translated, streamlined, communicated, and integrated according to various proprietary formats and standards. The result—it's understood and it's accessible.

Features include:

  • Computer-to-computer transfer of data 
    • No manual intervention
    • Faster cash receipt
    • Fewer errors and adjustments
    • Reduce costs and delays associated with paper
  • All financial EDI ANSI-x12 standards are supported
  • Flexibility to provide a wide range of output
  • Ability to originate integrated Wire and ACH files
  • Capability to receive integrated receivable files