Comerica Integrated Cash Position Manager®

With Comerica Integrated Cash Position Manager, you can replace all of your spreadsheet systems with one standardized, web-based tool that allows you to see your current1 and projected cash position throughout the day, in real time with one simple click.

Features and Benefits:

  • Design customized templates based on your current needs, inputs, outputs, and formats.
  • Import current spreadsheet formats and add specific definitions to ensure standardized reporting.
  • System is compatible with Microsoft® Excel® and standard PDF generation, making it easy to integrate and save information.

This tool allows you to see and analyze everything in one place, helping you free up time and eliminate data errors. Comerica Integrated Cash Position Manager consolidates balance and transaction data from Comerica and also supports information from other financial institutions.

Once set up, all of your data is fully integrated with Comerica Treasury Information Reporting® so you can access all of your working capital needs.


1 Requires Comerica Treasury Information ReportingSM.

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