Letters of Credit

Manage your global trade cycle effectively.

Today’s dynamic, global business environment presents exciting opportunities. With those opportunities come risks and challenges. Our International Trade Finance specialists can customize solutions to help you manage your global trade cycle more effectively and allow you to optimize working capital, mitigate cross-border risks and drive efficiencies in your trade process. We provide a full range of letter of credit solutions, including export letters of credit, import letters of credit and standby letters of credit designed to meet your specific needs.

Export Letters of Credit 

An export letter of credit provides assurance that payment will be received from your buyer, while protecting the title to your goods, allowing you to conduct your export business with greater confidence.

Import Letters of Credit ​

An import letter of credit provides assurance that payment will be made to the supplier only after documents conveying title to the goods are presented and conform with the letter of credit terms and conditions.

Standby Letters of Credit

A versatile financial instrument, a standby letter of credit can be used to support your domestic and global business transactions in a variety of ways.  With a standby letter of credit you can protect your interests and provide the assurance your business partners require that you will fulfill your financial or performance obligations under a business contract.  As one of the top issuers in the nation, Comerica has extensive experience in structuring standby letters of credit.