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At Comerica, we’ve become a leader in technology by becoming experts in the industry.

From financing equipment and accessing capital, to managing operating expenses, customer acquisition and liquidity, our technology advisors bring decades of experience.

Business solutions, not just rates and terms

From SaaS startups to emerging machine learning to telecom growth companies, our clients seek solutions that drive efficiency, profitability and growth.

Comerica’s dedicated business financial advisors are here to help plan, guide and consult tech businesses and venture capitalists on planning, projecting, growing and protecting their earnings — with support at every stage of their life cycle.

Early mid stage financing
Early & mid-stage financing

Growth capital lending and MRR/ARR financing

Traditional financing
Traditional financing

Working capital lending and equipment or real estate financing

Cash flow lending
Cash flow lending

Buyout, acquisition or dividend/recap financing

Equity fund services
Equity fund services

Partner lending and capital call or subscription financing

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Technology specialists

A software developer is not the same as a software manufacturer. Obvious, but often overlooked in the financial industry.

With an average tenure of 16 years and over 30 years’ experience in venture banking, our relationship team brings a wealth of insight, experience and networking relationships.

Business financial solutions

We begin by understanding your business from the ground up before we recommend how to help you grow.

Our needs-based consultative process is built around you, with customized banking solutions that include:

  • SaaS and subscription lines of credit¹
  • Capital strategies for growth
  • Equipment lending¹
  • International trade finance
  • Foreign currency hedging
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Moveworks and Comerica: Driving Innovation through Relationships

Comerica isn’t afraid to embrace technology and what it means for the banking industry. Taking a leap of faith is about more than trust – it’s recognizing the world is changing and aligning with partners at the forefront of that change. Enter Moveworks.

Learn more about Comerica’s commitment to business.

Technology & Life Sciences Team

TLS Division President

David Whiting
President, TLS Division
Email David

Equity Fund Services

Trey Worley
Senior Vice President, Senior Managing Director
Email Trey

Treasury Management – Payments


Katie Carter
Senior Vice President/Sales Manager
Email Katie

TLS Bellevue / Healthcare Services

Walter Weston
Senior Vice President/Head of Healthcare Services
Email Walter

TLS Boston

Bryan Kana
Senior Vice President/Group Manager
Email Bryan

TLS California

Palo Alto | San Jose | Los Angeles

Robert Hernandez
Senior Vice President/Group Manager
Email Robert

San Francisco

Grant Simon
Senior Vice President/Group Manager
Email Grant

TLS Central/Mountain

Austin | Dallas | Denver

Stu Bell
Senior Vice President/Group Manager
Email Stu

TLS New York & Mid-Atlantic

New York | Philadelphia | Washington D.C.

Kevin Urban
Senior Vice President/Group Manager
Email Kevin

TLS Canada

David Whiting
President, TLS Division
Email David

TLS Israel

Dan Levinson
Senior Vice President, Head of Israel Venture Banking
Email Dan

Private equity funding

We provide our clients with customized solutions ranging from $500,000 to $100 million.

Economic Commentary

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*Comerica ranks first nationally among U.S. bank holding companies with greater than $70B in assets, based on commercial and industrial loans outstanding as a percentage of assets, as of March 31, 2024. Data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

1Loans subject to credit approval.