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At Comerica, we’ve become a leader in the energy industry by becoming experts in the exploration, production, processing and transportation of oil and gas.

From property acquisition financing to oil, gas and NGL hedging, our Energy Banking Group brings decades of experience and a multitude of products catered to your needs.

Business professionals, not just bankers

At Comerica, our clients seek business solutions for value creation, profitability and growth, not just rates and terms.

Dedicated energy bankers are here to help plan, guide and consult upstream and midstream companies, every step of the way.

Energy specialists

Oil and gas production is not the same as oil and gas processing. Obvious, but often overlooked in the financial industry. At Comerica, we know the difference between production, gathering, transportation and processing of crude, NGLs and natural gas.

We understand the diverse and complex needs of operations across the U.S. and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our upstream and midstream clients.

Business financial solutions

We begin by understanding your unique needs from the ground up before we recommend how to help you grow.

Our needs-based consultative process is built around you, with customized banking solutions that include:

  • Oil and gas reserve-based development financing
  • Oil and gas property acquisition financing
  • Corporate merger/consolidation and re-capitalization financing
  • Ancillary corporate finance and commercial banking services, including oil, gas and NGL hedging
  • Loan syndications
  • Treasury management solutions

Private equity funding

We work directly with leading private equity firms to provide our clients with customized credit, treasury management and investment solutions ranging from $500,000 to more than $500 million.

Economic Commentary

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*Comerica ranks first nationally among U.S. bank holding companies with greater than $70B in assets, based on commercial and industrial loans outstanding as a percentage of assets, as of March 31, 2024. Data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence.