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Captive Services

At Comerica, we’ve become a leader in the captive industry by becoming experts in captive insurance.

With decades of experience, see how the Leading Bank for Business can help your business thrive.

See how we lead

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Leveraging Experience & Expertise

Learn how Comerica's solutions, services and experience help businesses navigate the complexities of captive insurance.

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Custody Explained

Get expert guidance on custody for captive insurers, with valuable insights into custodian duties.

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Understanding Collateral

Explore collateral for captive insurers and understand the types of collateral allowed on fronted programs.

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Why Letters of Credit?

Gain insider knowledge into why letters of credit are the most popular collateral option.

Is a captive right for your business?

Companies of all sizes with annual insurance premiums totaling at least $500,000 among workers’ compensation, general liability, medical malpractice, automobile, property, warranty and other forms of insurance, can benefit from a captive.

Schedule an appointment with a Comerica captive specialist today to:

  • Learn about the benefits of captive insurance
  • Gain advice on finding a service provider, such as a captive insurance manager, or selecting a domicile
  • Find competitive, trustworthy banking options for your captive

Advisors, not just bankers

At Comerica, our clients seek solutions for protecting their businesses, not just rates and terms.

As one of the few banks with a dedicated captive insurance banking team, our advisors are here to help with your captive insurance banking needs, both offshore and onshore.

Captive specialists

A reinsurance trust is not the same as a custody account. Obvious, but often overlooked in the financial industry. We understand the critical nuances and requirements necessary for businesses to successfully establish and manage a captive. For over 25 years, our captive specialists have been helping companies who want to:

Mitigate risk
Mitigate risk

manage the type and amount of risk you wish to retain, even for risks that are uninsurable in the commercial market.

Manage cash flow
Manage cash flow

control your premium payments and the investment strategy for them.

Manage costs
Manage costs

bypass commercial insurance markets and retain underwriting profits and investment income.

Business financial solutions

We begin by understanding your business from the ground up before we recommend how to help you protect your entity.

Our needs-based consultative process is built around you, with customized banking solutions that include:

  • Letters of credit (required by fronting insurance companies)
  • Trust services, including Regulation 114 Trusts (agreement between a captive, a fronting insurance company and a bank)
  • Custody services to hold assets of a captive, either onshore or offshore
  • Investment management for captive premiums and assets¹
  • Financing solutions²
  • Managing cash flow
  • Foreign exchange solutions
US Captive Awards 2017

174 years of experience.

With more than 174 years of experience serving businesses and billions in total credit commitments, assets in custody and assets under management for the captive industry, our long view enables us to provide fact-based insights to help you plan properly.

Economic Commentary

Maximize your opportunities.

For a complimentary consultation to see if your company might benefit from a captive insurance company or to see if we can provide you with a customized banking solution for your captive:

Contact Comerica at 313-757-5046.

*Comerica ranks first nationally among U.S. bank holding companies with greater than $70B in assets, based on commercial and industrial loans outstanding as a percentage of assets, as of March 31, 2024. Data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

1Securities and other non-deposit investment products are not insured by the FDIC; are not deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed by, Comerica Bank or any of its affiliates; and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

2Loans subject to credit approval.