Securities Lending

Increase your portfolio. And your business.

Comerica’s securities lending program was created to help increase portfolio returns. The program is a strategic combination of technology and market trading designed to provide flexible lending opportunities and personalized service. Our lending specialists offer a wealth of experience along with the tools you need to help increase your investments and turn your earnings into business success. 

Features include

  • Flexible lending opportunities
  • Personalized service
  • Control of all program operations and administration
  • Control of daily guidelines compliance 
  • Tailored borrower guidelines
  • Familiarity with markets and distribution capabilities

​​​​​​​Securities lending involves counterparty risk, including the risk that the loaned securities may not be returned or returned in a timely manner and/or a loss of rights in the collateral if the borrower or the lending agent defaults.  In addition, the account lending the securities bears the risk of loss of the cash collateral investments.  To the extent that the value of the lending account’s cash collateral investments declines below the amount owed to a borrower, the account may incur losses that exceed the amount it earned on lending the security.​