Comerica Rewards Card

Give Your Employees and Clients an Appreciation Award!

The Comerica Rewards Card is the ultimate award that is appreciated all year long and can be customized with a special message of gratitude.  Choose the program that best fits your needs. 

Plus Rewards Card

  • Available in denomination amounts between $25.00 - $1,500.00
  • International use permitted
  • See Disclaimer section below for a complete list of fees*

To order the Plus Rewards Program, please complete the following forms:


Standard Rewards Card

  • Available in denomination amounts between $25.00 - $1,000.00
  • Domestic use only
  • See Disclaimer section below for a complete list of fees*

To order the Standard Rewards Program, please complete the following form:


Helpful Tips for Completing Your Order

  1. Complete Rewards Card Corporate Order Form and KYC form (if applicable) and return to (minimum of 10 cards per order required).
  2. If completing the KYC form for the Plus Rewards program, you may be contacted by Elan Financial Services for additional information.
  3. From the time payment is processed, allow 7-10 business days for arrival of cards. Please allow extra time during the November/December peak holiday season. 
  4. Your Rewards Card purchase will come packaged in a #10 envelope, affixed to a card carrier with the cardholder agreement and helpful usage tips included inside the package. Be sure to provide these documents to the Rewards Card recipient. Cards will be sorted by denomination and ready to distribute when you receive them.

Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International.

Funds are insured up to the maximum extent allowed by law once the Card is registered. Go to to register your Card with your name and address before you make any purchases over the web, phone or through the mail.

Purchase Fees for Business:

            Per card - $3.50

Cardholder Fees:

There are no fees when using the Card to purchase goods and services domestically. However, the following fees apply and will be deducted from the balance available on the Card, as applicable, except where prohibited or modified by applicable law.

Administrative Fee: After the first twelve calendar months following the issue date of your Card, a $3.00 fee will be charged to your Card each month until it expires. This fee will not be charged once the balance on the Card reaches $0.00. In some states this fee may not be charged until after a stated number of months of non-use.

Card Replacement Fee: A $15.00 fee will be charged to your Card any time it is replaced and for any reason.

Escheatment Fee: A $15.00 fee will be charged to your Card if it is escheated according to applicable law.

Foreign Transaction Fee: A fee of 3% of the transaction amount for transactions with merchants located outside of the U.S., even if currency is not converted.  *Applicable to Plus Rewards Cards only.
Balance and Account Information:  You may obtain balance and account information online at  You may also contact Cardholder Services by calling 855.274.9934.

This Rewards Card is issued in the form of a Visa prepaid card. This Rewards Card is issued by Elan Financial Services pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. This Rewards Card cannot be reloaded with additional funds, nor can it be used at an ATM. No cash access.   Terms and conditions and fees apply. For complete terms and conditions, see the “Elan Financial Services Rewards Card Cardholder Agreement” available inside the card package or at