Comerica Charitable Giving

Comerica’s success is dependent upon helping people succeed. This vision shapes our approach to community investment and guides the framework of our charitable support and community partnerships. The Comerica Corporate Contributions program and Comerica Charitable Foundation work to partner with the communities we serve through investments in equity, education, economic and community development and human services for those in need. Comerica Bank and the Charitable Foundation support charitable 501 c 3 organizations that align with our priorities.

Where We Give

We support charitable organizations in Comerica's primary markets.

  • Texas
  • Michigan
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Florida

Why We Give

  • ​Enhance Comerica's commitment to community reinvestment.
  • Impact issues that are important to Comerica and our communities.
  • Respond to the diversity within the population and needs of each community.
  • Create pride and loyalty among Comerica employees.

Who May Apply

Nonprofit organizations with charitable 501(c)(3) status from the federal government.




When We Give

Comerica Bank accepts online Charitable sponsorship requests year-round.

The Comerica Charitable Foundation, which accepts grant proposals online by invitation only, has four grant seasons during which charitable organizations may request support.

Comerica's Giving Focus

While all funding requests are worthwhile, Comerica Bank and the Comerica Charitable Foundation receive far more grant and sponsorship requests than can be supported. We focus support in our primary market areas of Texas, Michigan, California, Arizona and Florida. In addition, requests received from these areas are reviewed to determine if the goals of the requesting organization and/or the programs for which support is being requested, are in alignment with one or more of our giving priorities, which include: 

1. Education for low-and moderate-income (LMI) individuals and families, including programs that support:

a. Financial education (Pre-K through 12th grade and adult);
b. Business-focused and STEM-related education; and
c. College scholarships for business, finance and STEM-related fields.

2. Economic/community development support for programs that promote and enhance opportunities for LMI families and communities through:

a. Economic self-sufficiency;
b. Job creation, training, readiness and retention;
c. Neighborhood/community revitalization and business development;
d. Small business training and development; and
e. Affordable housing advocacy and development.

3. Human services programs that enhance and protect the health and well-being of LMI individuals and families, including:

a. Transitional and supportive services and housing; and
b. Feeding the hungry/food access.

4. Equity programs that identify, invest and partner with the community to serve and promote scalable and sustainable strategies addressing systemic racism, social injustice, and the improvement of societal well-being:

a. Education & Opportunity

* Closing the Digital Divide – Advancing representation in the technology industry
* Support of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) & Hispanic Supporting Institutions (HSIs)
* PreK-12 education

b. Economic Empowerment

* Fair Chance Hiring
* Supplier Diversity
* Workforce Development

c. Social Justice

* Workforce Advocacy

Comerica Charitable Foundation - Grant Requests

The Comerica Charitable Foundation accepts grant requests by invitation only. If you have any questions about this process, click the button below and email us.

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Corporate Contributions - Sponsorship Requests

The Comerica Corporate Contributions Department provides monetary support to charitable 501(c)(3) organizations within our key market areas of Texas, Michigan, California, Arizona and Florida, for events and activities. By partnering with community organizations through event sponsorships, we are able to demonstrate our support of these important community organizations. All charitable sponsorship requests must be submitted online. To learn more about Comerica’s charitable sponsorship policies and processes, please read the Comerica Charitable Sponsorship FAQs.

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