Corporate Responsibility:

A comprehensive review of our environmental, social and governance practices and progress.
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At Comerica, being a responsible company is deeply embedded in our 175-year history and culture. Through wars, the Great Depression, the economic and political turbulence of the 20th century, the Great Recession, and now over two decades into the 21st century, Comerica Bank stands as a beacon of strength in the communities that we serve. Our long-term commitment to maintaining corporate responsibility as a top priority is reflected in the actions of our colleagues and the support we provide our customers, communities and stakeholders.

Curtis C. Farmer
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Comerica Incorporated and Comerica Bank

Corporate Responsibility Overview

At Comerica, responsibility is the foundation of our business. Traits such as honesty, transparency and fairness have enabled our company to be a “Force for Good” throughout our long history. Along with our Core Values, corporate responsibility is a cornerstone of the company and informs how we do business on a daily basis. These same ideals and values provide us with a strong guide for addressing urgent social, economic and environmental challenges. This Force for Good mentality drives the positive change and long-term, sustainable value for our company, stakeholders and communities.

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Our customers are the center of all we do. We work to safeguard their information and protect them from fraud. By working to regularly gather and incorporate customer feedback, our relationship-focused approach supports their connections to the right products and services while strengthening our abilities to meet their needs through secure, innovative technology. Comerica also supports the development of our customers' financial literacy to successfully manage their ever-evolving financial needs.


Banking is a business that relies heavily on the personal relationships and the quality of service provided by employees. And, one of Comerica's strengths has always been its colleagues. To meet and exceed our customers' expectations, we strive to make Comerica the preferred place to work in our markets.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

At Comerica, Diversity is embracing an inclusive culture that recognizes, respects and is sensitive to the differences in our community. Welcoming and supporting colleagues of all backgrounds is a pillar of the Comerica Promise and is key to the way we conduct business. To further this commitment, we developed and published our Diversity Commitment statement. This statement highlights our Core Value of A Force for Good and recognizes the behaviors, values and beliefs that support a work environment in which we celebrate the differences among our employees and embrace our critical role in the communities we serve.


Thriving communities help us succeed. Our community investment strategy is designed to create shared value by supporting the viability and well-being of the businesses and people that make up the communities where we operate. We focus our efforts through small business and community development lending programs and investments in large-scale programs which positively change the economic landscape of the communities we serve. Additionally, we partner, volunteer with and donate to nonprofit organizations in the communities where we operate to help maximize our positive impact.

corporate responsibility
corporate responsibility


Comerica recognizes the growing concerns and risks that climate change poses to the stability of the environmental, social and economic systems on which our societies depend. We also understand that the efficient use of natural resources is key to a sustainable future. Our Environmental Policy Statement outlines our commitment to reduce climate change business risks while identifying new business opportunities that help mitigate the impacts of rising global temperatures.

Responsible Business

Comerica's commitment to integrity is fundamental to our 175-year history and business success. We exemplify our Core Values in our daily interactions with customers and maintain high standards of ethics and accountability for our Board, leadership and colleagues. Our day-to-day operations are closely linked to our corporate responsibility efforts through our focus on ethics, good governance and responsible business practices, which benefit all of our stakeholders. At Comerica, we strive to deliver experiences that exceed our customers' expectations. To achieve this on a daily basis, we work proactively to understand our customers' needs. We use our Core Value of "The Customer Comes First" to guide our interactions with current and potential customers to give them the service, knowledge and experience they desire, all in an effort to raise the expectations of what a bank can be.

Responsible Business

See our full Corporate Responsibility Report for additional information including our safe harbor statement. The Corporate Responsibility Report speaks only to the date it was issued. Investors should not rely on such information as being unchanged in making investment decisions.