Comerica understands "sustainability" as an approach to conducting ourselves in a way that meets the needs of the present in ways that do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Comerica's View

We recognize that the prosperity and well-being of the people, businesses, and communities we serve today - as well as those we will serve tomorrow - depend on sustained access to:

  Natural resources provided by a healthy environment
  Social and human resources provided by healthy communities



We are therefore committed to:

  Protecting and preserving the environment
  Enhancing the human and social capital of the communities in which we do business

Finding solutions to the complex challenges of today's world requires new ways of thinking and an ability to understand how economic, social, and environmental systems interrelate and affect one another. We believe that integrating such an understanding into the ways we live and do business will:

  Serve the best interests of people and the planet
  Improve our company's business performance and create long-term value for our stakeholders


Building Sustainable Value

Building Sustainable Value

We use this figure to explain how our sustainability efforts help build value at Comerica. Our 4 key focus areas include:


Knowledge and Innovation
Opportunities and Revenues
Cost and Risk Reduction
Reputation and Brand


We look to make progress in each of these areas on a yearly basis. Recognizing that our efforts do not exist in a vacuum, our 4 focus areas are encircled by our stakeholders who may interact with us on each of the areas.

See our reports found in the Additional Resources section of this page for additional information on our value creation approach to sustainability.

Performance Highlights

For more on our progress and additional metrics, please see the 2016 Comerica Corporate Responsibility Report found in the Additional Resources section of this page.