Diversity Commitment

"Diversity is a core value of Comerica. It's embedded in our business strategy, celebrated among our colleagues, and extended to our community and business partners. Embracing diversity and promoting inclusion makes Comerica stronger and allows us to better serve our customers"

Curt Farmer
President, Chief Executive Officer Comerica Incorporated and Comerica Bank

Comerica Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report(PDF, 500KB)(Opens a new window)(PDF, 10 MB)

Comerica's Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
As one of Comerica's Core Values, our respect for diversity permeates everything we do. Our diversity standards recognize behavior that:

  • Uses and values similarities and differences in people to create a work environment that encourages creative thinking and solutions.
  • We stand for social justice and racial equality for all communities and against policy and actions that create inequities within our communities.
  • Recognizes and leverages the benefits from a broad range of ideas, viewpoints, and backgrounds working together to produce superior products and services for a diverse marketplace.
  • Embraces the inclusion of all talented and qualified individuals, regardless of differences in beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, or physical characteristics.
  • Treats all colleagues, customers, and suppliers fairly, with dignity and respect.

As Comericans, we are unified in our desire to deliver ongoing growth and shareholder value. Yet we are also bound together by something more powerful and distinctive: an unwavering commitment to each other. We believe that our character and values define our Comerica work experience and form the foundation of a unique, caring, inclusive and collaborative culture. We believe that this appreciation for our internal relationships is manifested in our relationships with our customers and serves to distinguish us from ordinary financial institutions. In this way, every day, we are raising the expectations of what a bank can be.

Workforce Diversity
Our goal is to create a workplace where the best talent seeks employment. We know that diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce will support our mission of helping people be successful. A diverse and inclusive workforce will help by connecting us to a wider customer base, enhancing our community relations and enriching our pipeline of new ideas and approaches to serve all communities. Comerica is committed to ensuring a diverse workforce, inclusive of those who possess different ancestries, races, colors, religions, genders, national origins, ages, disabilities, medical conditions, veteran status, marital status, heights, weights, sexual orientations and gender identities. We actively recruit through a variety of diverse networks for the best candidates and provide a comprehensive benefits program reflecting the diverse needs of our employees.

In addition, Comerica colleagues participate in diversity, equity & inclusion learning through a variety of required and elective learning programs.

2023 Employer Information Report EEO-1(PDF, 84KB)(Opens a new window)(PDF, 132 KB)

Business Outreach
We are committed to becoming the financial services provider of choice in the diverse communities we serve. Providing access to capital to all of our markets is critically important to Comerica’s social values. We are especially proud of our business initiatives focused on the African American, Hispanic, Asian American, Arab and Chaldean American, LGBTQ, Veterans, and women's markets. Consistent with our core business focus on relationship banking, our objective is to increase customer access to experienced colleagues who understand the unique needs, perspectives and opportunities of individuals and businesses in these various markets.

Community Outreach
We take pride in the support we provide to our multi-cultural communities. We know that by building strong communities, our company will grow stronger. We are proud to be a partner of choice in our communities. We support numerous programs and projects for housing, economic development, cultural and civic organizations, health, and education. In addition to financial resources, our colleagues contribute their time and expertise to support many community organizations.

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Supplier Diversity
The Comerica Supplier Diversity Program is designed to foster the growth of small and diverse-owned companies in Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan and Texas. Learn more about the Comerica Supplier Diversity Program(Opens a new window).