Comerica Incorporated Board of Directors

Curtis C. Farmer
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Comerica Incorporated and Comerica Bank

Michael E. Collins
Chair and Senior Counselor, Blake Collins Group
Former Consultant, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Former Executive Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Roger A. Cregg
Former President and Chief Executive Officer
AV Homes, Inc.

​T. Kevin DeNicola
Former Chief Financial Officer
KiOR, Inc.

Jacqueline P. Kane
Retired Executive Vice President of        
Human Resources and Corporate Affairs
The Clorox Company

Richard G. Lindner
Retired Senior Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer      
AT&T, Inc.

Barbara R. Smith
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Commercial Metals Company

Robert S. Taubman
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and President
The Taubman Realty Group, LLC and the Taubman Company, LLC

Reginald M. Turner, Jr.

Member, Executive Committee
Clark Hill PLC

Nina G. Vaca
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Pinnacle Technical Resources, Inc. and Vaca Industries Inc.

Michael G. Van de Ven
Chief Operating Officer
Southwest Airlines Company


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Comerica Bank Tower
MC 6578
1717 Main Street
Dallas, Texas 75201

Customer Contact Center:  800.292.1300