Comerica Volunteers

At Comerica Bank, we are committed to corporate social responsibility. Our volunteer program supports corporate objectives for success by improving the lives of individuals, groups and the communities in which we do business through volunteerism, building and managing relationships and strategic partnerships. Our volunteers give generously of their time and talent, by participating on boards, conducting financial literacy trainings and providing service to help make local communities better places.

Comerica colleagues are committed to the communities where they live and work. Through 2015 Comerica-sponsored events and independent activities, Comerica colleagues recorded over 73,000 hours on Comerica's volunteer website, With a dollar value of $23.07 per volunteer hour that equates to over $1,700,000 in volunteer time invested in our communities.

In addition to the volunteer time recorded, colleagues packaged nearly 305,000 pounds of food in food banks across all markets; distributed over 251,000 meals either through the food banks or directly preparing and serving them; raised enough funds to build quick ramps for disabled children, provide needed dollars for research and awareness for Alzheimer's, March of Dimes, cancer, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, leukemia & lymphoma, just to name a few; and improved the financial literacy of several thousand individuals.

We will continue the momentum in 2016. We are extremely proud of our community efforts!