What are Business Owner Advisory Services?

Comerica Business Owner Advisory Services seeks to bridge the gap between the business strategy and the personal wealth strategy. Our Business Owner Advisory teams offer a full suite of services for the business owner. Key to our approach is to work with you to address those personal wealth management issues that are common to most business owners.

From banking solutions to succession planning, we take a full balance sheet approach to aligning your business and personal financial needs.

How can Business Owner Advisory Services benefit you?

We excel at providing solutions that address your personal and business/professional wealth management goals, including:

  • Managing wealth (wealth planning, investment management, insurance, wealth transfer, charitable)

  • Maximizing personal liquidity and cash flow

  • Identifying tax mitigation strategies

  • Growing wealth in an uncertain environment

  • Planning an exit strategy

  • Protecting your assets should you become ill or disabled

You want a solid plan for the future of your business/career as well as the security of your family. Let Comerica Business Owner Advisory Services assist you in aligning your financial goals!



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