As an established and trusted prepaid commercial card issuer, Comerica offers innovative stored value solutions. Whether you’re looking for more efficient ways to pay employees, contractors or customers, Comerica’s Workplace Card solutions were designed to exceed your expectations.

Regardless of the program you choose, you will have dedicated support from a Comerica program advisor and real-time access to our Card Management System. Workplace cards are good anywhere Mastercard®* cards are accepted. Your cardholders also have toll free access to customer service in both English and Spanish, 24/7. And, a simple automated file exchange gets your employees or customers set up to receive their card. Plus, a customized card design is available to promote your corporate identity. 


Our Workplace Card is a more efficient and economical way to pay employees and contractors who don’t have a bank account. It replaces traditional paper checks for compensation or reimbursement, including regular payroll, incentive, and/or bonus payments. By simply using a standard ACH transfer, you can eliminate the costly and time-consuming activities associated with check issuance, distribution and reconcilement. In addition, we offer payroll correction tools that eliminate stop payment and check re-issuance. Your employees and contractors benefit from the convenience of an electronic deposit without maintaining a bank account. They also get earlier access to funds, the ability to select their own Personal Identification Number (PIN), and a monthly statement option.

Loyalty and Award Programs

The Workplace Card is ideal for corporate awards, customer loyalty awards, or promotional programs. These types of programs can be customized in a number of ways:

  • Expiration dates that control the term of the program and your obligation while effectively managing the cardholder’s use of the card.
  • Authorization rules can be used to control usage and manage risk.

Payroll Exception

The Comerica Payroll Exception Card can be used on an as needed basis when paying by check isn’t an effective option. Some of the challenges of payroll exceptions include:

  • Disbursing the first pay to a new hire or the last pay to a terminated employee
  • Disbursing pay or per diems between normal payroll cycles
  • Disbursing pay when a check is lost or never issued
  • Providing continuity of pay when a check or card is lost or stolen

Payroll Exception cards let you disburse payments to employees on demand. To prepare you for these exception situations, we help you order non-personalized cards; create a security plan to safe keep and inventory the cards; and inventory/secure the cards upon receipt. When you identify an exception payment condition, you will simply provide a non-personalized card to the employee, activate the card online, register the card with the cardholder’s information and order a personalized replacement card, if desired.

Program Management Options

Comerica offers various program management tools to fit your needs.


Comerica has created a fully integrated process that allows your organization to order and cancel cards, as well as perform basic program maintenance using standard file interfaces. This level of automation is generally used for payroll programs, or for programs with 500 cards or more.

Features include:

  • Card order file
  • Funding: NACHA for prepaid programs
  • Program maintenance; card cancellation and address correction

Card Management System (CMS)

Comerica’s automated program management tool provides you the ability to order and maintain your cards in real time. The application is easy to use and provides 24-hour access to your program. CMS is ideal for applying immediate funding to prepaid cards, replacing lost or stolen cards, ordering new cards and generating cardholder detail reports, allowing you to manage all of the cards in your program effectively. Comerica’s CMS provides you ultimate control over your program and enhanced security with token login access.

To learn more about Comerica’s Workplace Card solutions, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management Representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490.