In today’s business environment, payments need to be fast and secure so you can maximize the efficiency of your processing and cash flow. That is what you get with Comerica Treasury Payments®.

Comerica Treasury Payments is a robust payments solution you need to help you succeed in the marketplace.  Its feature-rich technology is intuitive and offers specific customizable features.  It is also part of our Comerica Business ConnectTM (CBC) portal so you can easily access your other Comerica business applications, helpful tools and resources. 


  • Web-based for 24/7 access
  • Robust cash management functionality to help you manage your business
  • Electronic transactions help you reduce costs
  • Customizable solutions that let you choose the payment types that best meet your needs and access preferences


  • Personalize your Home page
  • Customizable list views of payments data
  • Reporting across multiple payment types
  • Payment notifications
  • Balance inquiry for Wires and ACH
  • Standard data rentention of 25 months
  • In-application Help tools for easy online training
  • Single sign-on access through CBC with token access with Transparent Layer Security (TLS) technology


  • Dual approval of user entitlement changes
  • Entitle multiple accounts and payments from single page
  • Payment approval limits
  • Entitle restricted templates


  • One-time and recurring payment initiation
  • Create and maintain payment templates
  • Import payments, templates, recipients and contacts
  • Dual approval for payment templates and payments
  • Template groups
  • Quick Entry template payments, across payment types
  • ACH - PPD, CCD, Tax, Child Support, XCK, RCK, Web, Tel and International (IAT); Confidential payments
  • Wires - Domestic (Single or Multi-Entry), Book, Drawdown, International and Multi-Bank; Straight Through Processing Rules
  • Transfers - Single (Quick Entry), one-to-many and many-to-one account transfers; Scheduled time of day


  • Foreign Exchange
  • ACH Activity Summary
  • Audit
  • User Permissions

Check Services

  • Inquire on the paid status of issued checks
  • Place stop payments
  • Cancel stopped payments
  • View check  images
  • import Stop payments and Cancel Stop payments

Mobile Access

  • Approve, reject or delete wire payments
  • Approve, reject or delete ACH payments
  • Establish unique user and account assignments specifically for mobile


  • Wire, ACH, Transfer pending approval
  • Template pending approval
  • Payments approval window passed
  • Payments rejected
  • Wire beneficiary notification

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 11.0 or higher)
  • RSA SecureID® token

To learn more about  Comerica Treasury Payments, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490.