Comerica provides innovative treasury management solutions developed from experience, understanding and listening to our customers. It’s a combination that allows us to meet your requirements more precisely and more cost efficiently.

Whether your concerns are matching payment options to the needs of your customers, integrating your payables or your receivables, streamlining processes, enhancing internal controls or identifying investment opportunities, Comerica has the depth of expertise and breadth of solutions to help you manage your cash, growth, risk and wealth.

Manage and Streamline your Cashflow

Comerica's Treasury Management solutions provide you with the tools to manage and streamline your cashflow with real-time control over nearly every aspect of your finances and a consolidated approach to managing that information. Comerica wants to exceed your expectations of what banking for business should be – all the while making you more efficient and competitive than ever before.

Analytics and Information Management

Comerica puts you in control with secure access to your most current financial data:

  • Loan Management — enables you to manage your loan balance and initiate transactions, advances, and loan payments; also lets you manage your credit
  • Comerica Treasury Payments® — our web-based solution that lets you select the functionality that best suits your needs, including balance reporting, transaction initiation including domestic and international payments, image capabilities, and check services; includes dual approval of payments and templates
  • Alerts — enables you to quickly and effectively stay informed of, as well as confirm, account activity and transactions including ACH and wires
  • Comerica Integrated Cash Position Manager® — a powerful application that enables you to see your cash position at any time throughout the day with one click; integrates with Treasury Information Reporting and TM Connect Web to pull in your financial information at Comerica and other banks
  • Comerica Treasury File Reporting® — use your company’s back-end processing system or treasury workstation for direct file transfer with Comerica for balance reporting to initiate transactions and receive information
  • Comerica Treasury Information ReportingTM — Treasury Information Reporting is a powerful web-based information and analytics tool, intuitive and easy to navigate.  It allows users to see current and past account information, view specific transactions and bank reports, and create custom and standard reports.  Powerful search options allow users to quickly filter transactions.
  • Comerica Treasury Mobile® — convenient mobile access to prior-day and current-day information reporting and prior-day images.  Approve, cancel or delete wire and ACH payments.  Establish unique user and account assignments specifically for mobile



Comerica’s electronic and traditional disbursement solutions let you distribute your funds predictably and cost-effectively to optimize the efficiency of your cash flow.

  • Comerica Treasury Payments® — our web-based solution that lets you select the functionality that best suits your transaction initiation needs, including domestic and international payments and check services; includes dual approval of payments and templates.
  • Comerica Integrated Payables WebTM — web-based solution that consolidates all of your ACH, Comerica Commercial CardTM, wire, and check payments and initiates them from one source.
  • Comerica Integrated PayablesTM — direct file transmission that consolidates your ACH, Comerica Commercial CardTM, wire and check payments and initiates them from one source. 
  • Controlled Disbursement — identifies daily funding needs so excess cash is available for investment opportunities or loan pay-down commitments.
  • Wire transfer — moves money quickly and securely through a number of automated solutions.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) — electronically disburses payable and remittance information conveniently, reliably, and less costly than paper-based solutions.
  • Positive Pay — provides protection on a daily basis against losses due to fraudulent payments.
  • Comerica ACH Positive PayTM — online solution for optimal fraud protection and information management for ACH transactions.
  • Sweep to Loan Account — automatically moves excess funds to selected investment accounts, or to pay down your Comerica Business Line of Credit.
  • Account Reconcilement Services — automated service that organizes check information on business accounts; available for Full Reconcilement, Partial Reconcilement, and Deposit Reconcilement.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) — automates your collection and payment processes and offers a variety of delivery options for reporting remittance information.


Comerica offers solutions designed to help you collect funds sooner and streamline the often time-consuming and costly task of gathering and processing receivables.

  • Comerica Integrated ReceivablesTM — our web-based solution that integrates data from all incoming payment types into a streamlined process; it aggregates all payments information, images and data, automates receivables processing, and accelerates cash application and forecasting.
  • Comerica Business Deposit Capture® — allows you to scan images of checks and deposit items at your locations for electronic delivery to your Comerica account.
  • Comerica Healthcare Receivables AutomationTM — web-based solution that expedites the processing and posting of claims for healthcare providers.
  • Lockbox — accelerates the collection of your receivables and provides online access to images and payment information.
  • Image Cash Letter — for large volume check depositors; paper deposits can be electronically transmitted or delivered to one of our operations centers by your contracted courier service.
  • Cash Concentration — consolidates your funds to more closely monitor your cash position.
  • Cash Vault — offers cash and currency deposits and orders.
  • Comerica Easy PayTM — allows you to offer your customers a variety of convenient electronic payment options including debit cards, major credit cards and electronic check.
  • Merchant Services — designed to enable your business the convenience of accepting card payments from your customers; benefit from long-term value through increased revenue and reduced operating expenses.

Commercial Cards

Comerica’s Commercial Cards are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of your business. Our solutions include two innovative card programs — Comerica Commercial CardTM and Comerica Workplace CardTM designed to help you control expenses, increase cash flow efficiency and reduce administrative costs. Each card is Mastercard® branded, secure and backed by Comerica’s superior customer service.

  • Comerica Commercial CardTM — a payment solution that streamlines the procure-to-pay process for all types of business expenses including business travel, office supplies or servicing a company vehicle.
  • Comerica Workplace CardTM — a stored value solution that offers efficient ways to pay employees, contractors or customers.
  • Online Vendor Payments — include this with your Commercial Card program to gain more control over your vendor payments, simplify your payment process, and reduce exposure to fraud

International Trade

  • Comerica GlobalTRADE Web® — a web-based tool that lets you manage your global trade transactions in real time. It’s your control center for initiating, editing, and tracking your global transactions, including letters of credit, documentary collections and purchase order processing.

To learn more about any of Comerica’s solutions, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management Representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490.