Managing your company’s cash management functions and challenges can be cumbersome. Comerica Treasury File Reporting® (TFR) helps you simplify these complexities and take advantage of secure file transmissions and singular integrated management over the treasury management processes.

TFR is a proprietary system that allows you to consolidate your cash management process. It enables you to use your own back-end processing systems or treasury workstation for information reporting. 



  • Eliminates the need for bank software by using industry standard file formats to securely exchange data with Comerica
  • Allows you to deal with only one bank by using multibank wires and multibank reporting


  • Eliminates the manual process of keying and exporting data
  • Allows for the exchange of data directly between your back-end system and Comerica without manual intervention


Information Reporting

  • Previous day — Comerica deposits, commercial loans, securities and multibank
  • Current day — Automated Clearing House (ACH), lockbox, wire transfers, controlled disbursements, electronic check presentments and multibank
  • Wire advice notification — cumulative file that is updated throughout the day as wire activity occurs

Bank Reports

  • Access to multiple reports for reviewing your bank account information

To learn more about Comerica Treasury File Reporting®, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management Representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490.