Comerica Bank’s Technology & Life Sciences Division specializes in providing comprehensive banking services specifically designed for high growth companies, delivered by veteran bankers. At Comerica, we are actively seeking opportunities to work with sound companies that are looking to take the next step and require only the capital to make that happen. It may be time for your technology or life sciences company to leverage equity financing or income with complementary debt. Regardless of a company’s size, we can tailor a loan or line of credit that meets your needs, as well as provide treasury management and deposit products.

Technology companies will benefit by working with a recognized industry leader with a long-standing commitment to the sector. Our strengths include:

  • Dedicated focus with over 20 years of experience banking technology and life sciences companies through all economic cycles
  • Strong relationships with top-tier investors
  • Proven ability to add value with an extensive array of financial services and to structure financing solutions for companies which can take them from the whiteboard to the Big Board

Our commitment to the technology and life sciences sector is backed by the considerable resources of one of America’s leading banks. Comerica has a nationwide practice that serves all major U.S. technology centers with 15 offices coast-to-coast and its headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

Market Segment Experience

Comerica’s relationship managers have a deep understanding of the capital requirements of growing companies in the following industries:

  • Technology including software, hardware, enterprise, consumer, SaaS, cloud, security, big data, storage, infrastructure, ad tech, marketplaces, e-commerce, mobile, Internet of Things, digital media, education, gaming, and wearables
  • Life Sciences including the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, medical services, and health care IT industries

Debt Versus Equity Financing

For growing enterprises, debt can be a particularly powerful financial tool in today’s business environment. The due diligence completed by venture capital investors is similar to ours; both are concerned with a company’s management team, market potential, execution to plan, and path to profitability.

Debt from Comerica can be used for growth capital to fund start-up costs, equipment purchases and working capital – or later to fund expansion or the financing of acquisitions. Our experienced officers are “life cycle lenders” prepared to finance technology companies from inception through each stage of growth to ultimately profitable, often public companies.

The Resources to Help You Realize Your Vision

Comerica’s products and services are tailored to meet the demands of young, growing, professionally backed technology and life sciences companies, as well as their more mature counterparts. After listening carefully to your needs, Comerica will recommend the solutions that best serve the unique circumstances of your business, both day-to-day and into the future.

Growth Capital Lines

These facilities are tailored to leverage the equity capital of your start-up to minimize dilution to management and investors alike. With competitive rates, flexible terms, and no pre-payment penalties, our Growth Capital Lines are ideal for early-stage companies striving to hit critical milestones that will enhance valuation in follow-on rounds of financing.

SaaS Lines

Comerica offers working capital facilities that focus on the recurring revenue stream and historical renewal rates of the business, allowing Software as a Service companies – or similar type companies – to leverage their distinct revenue model.

Acquisition Finance

As companies mature, opportunities to make acquisitions often arise, and Comerica has a long, successful record in providing acquisition financing and leveraged finance to both technology companies and venture capital investors.

Working Capital Lines

Comerica’s working capital lines are designed to finance the accounts receivable and inventory growth experienced by emerging technology and life science companies as revenues are achieved and grow.

Treasury Management

As a leader in treasury management services, we offer a series of dynamic solutions that not only guard against risk, but allow you to concentrate on your success and that of your business. We offer holistic solutions that include payments, collections, information management, fraud protection and more.

Comerica Merchant Services

We provide a full suite of wireless, mobile, e-commerce and point-of-sale products and services, protected with the latest in secure technology and accessible via online data reporting tools. Comerica Merchant Services has EMV® and Apple Pay® ready terminals to accept contactless payments while improving card encryption and processing security.1

Executive/Personal Banking Services

Comerica can create the right program to meet the lending, depository, and wealth management needs of your executives and key personnel.

International Trade Finance

Tap into our expertise to help protect your company against the impact of foreign currency swings and other risks, as well as assist with the import of raw materials, parts and sub-assemblies, and the export of finished goods.

Institutional Trust

We provide corporate trust services, including master trust, custody, cash management, investment portfolio management, securities lending, and pension payment services.

Equipment Loans

The equity capital you work so hard to raise should be used to develop your product and take it to market, not to purchase capital assets. Comerica provides tailored financing of equipment with terms to meet the needs of your business.

Focused on Your Future

To learn more about the resources and products our office can provide your operations, please feel free to contact us. We’re ready to provide you with both specialized services designed specifically for technology and life sciences companies, and the full range of financial resources that have made us a leading business bank. It’s a powerful combination designed to help fuel your success — and one you’re unlikely to find in any other bank. Like you, we’re focused on your future and we’re ready to provide everything your company needs, every step of the way.

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