Comerica specializes in providing comprehensive banking services including treasury management, deposit and investment products and loan products specifically designed for high growth companies. Now in its second decade, the Technology and Life Sciences (TLS) Division at Comerica Bank understands the challenges these companies face and we have the expertise to provide the financial products and services to meet them.

A Depth of Resources

Through our TLS Division and Canadian branch, we are able to serve the technology and life sciences companies of Canada with virtually the same complement of resources we provide in the United States.  And, thanks to our integrated commercial services throughout North America, cross-border issues like loans and foreign exchange are non-issues with Comerica. Our extensive links between customers in Canada and the U.S. offer you abundant opportunities to capitalize on our operating platforms in both countries.

At Comerica, we are actively seeking opportunities to structure deals with companies in Canada and the U.S. that are looking to take the next step and require only the capital to make it happen. Our products and services are tailored to meet the needs of start-up and emerging technology and life sciences companies. After listening carefully to your needs, Comerica will recommend those solutions that will best serve your business, both day-to-day and into the future.

Our commitment to the technology and life sciences sector is backed by the considerable resources of America’s leading bank for business*.

Business Loans

A variety of loan types are available to give you the flexibility to effectively manage your finances. At Comerica, we’re able to creatively structure loans to mitigate foreign exchange risk.

  • Growth capital lines
  • Working capital lines
  • Capital call lines of credit for VCs
  • Equipment loans
  • SaaS lines of credit

Treasury Management

We offer a series of dynamic solutions that not only guard against risk, but allow you to concentrate on your success and that of your business. We offer holistic solutions that include payments, collections, information management, fraud protection and more.

  • Merchant services
  • Corporate cards
  • Image services
  • Wire transfer
  • Balance reporting
  • Remote deposit
  • Lockbox Services
  • Information management

International Trade Finance

Tap into our expertise to help protect your company against the impact of foreign currency swings and other risks, as well as to assist with the import of raw materials, parts and sub-assemblies, and the export of finished goods. We can also work with you in spot and forward contracts and provide guidance in hedging strategies.

Investment Management

We can help you obtain a top return while controlling risk on your investable funds. Comerica gives you the option of either a self-directed or managed investment strategy. For your U.S. dollar/Canadian dollar investments, the excess funds may be invested at competitive rates and maturities through our Money Desk in Toronto.

  • Notice accounts
  • Term deposits

Business Chequing and Deposit Accounts

We offer a range of commercial chequing and deposit accounts in both Canadian and U.S. dollars, for your business needs.

Focused On Your Future

To learn more about the resources and products our office can provide your Canadian operations, please feel free to contact us. We’re ready to provide you with both specialized services designed specifically for technology and life sciences companies, and the full range of financial resources that have made us a leading business bank. It’s a powerful combination designed to help fuel your success.

Like you, we’re focused on your future and we’re ready to provide everything your company needs, every step of the way.

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Technology and Life Sciences Division

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