Chances are, when a check you have deposited to your account has been returned unpaid, it takes a few days before you’re notified. This can be costly, causing collection delays and the potential for losses.

With Comerica’s advanced image technology, our returned items services can give you faster, more reliable information delivery, enabling you to expedite collections, cut losses and better manage your cash flow.


Our returned items services provide tools that your business can use every day to be more successful.

Online Reporting and Images

Comerica offers the ability to view reports and corresponding images of your returned items online with the Comerica Treasury Information ReportingTM. Reports and images are available next business day and history is retained for six months. Data can be exported to a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format for integration into other back office systems.

Data Transmission File

Our Transmission File automates processing you currently perform manually. Comerica creates a daily file and sends it to a specified mailbox for pick up, enabling you to post directly into your applications.

Data fields include: original deposit account number, store location number (deposit recon only), dollar amount, check number, account number, routing and transit number of returned check, original deposit date, date of the return and the account charged for the return.

Redeposit Returned Check (RCK) Collection Process

Comerica will convert your eligible checks, create the Automated Clearing House (ACH) file and forward it to our ACH department for re-presentment.1 Returned items can be electronically re-presented one additional time, increasing the potential for higher collection rates and reduced losses.


Duplicate Copies

At your request, we can send check and advice copies to three additional individuals or locations.

Cost Control

You pay only for what you use: a per–item fee applies only to the service options you select. Because the system is customized per your specifications, there are no hidden costs.

Redeposit Customization

You establish your own parameters for redeposit, based on customer-assigned thresholds. We can attempt additional collections on items returned for non-sufficient funds or similar reasons at your request.

Cash Advice Letter

We can consolidate advices into one report, giving you all the information you need at a glance.

To learn more about Comerica Returned Items Services, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management Representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 800.852.3649