In today’s competitive markets, accelerating accounts receivables processing is critical to success. Comerica’s suite of Lockbox services reduces mail, processing and deposit float, and meets the specific processing needs for higher and lower monthly volume organizations. Additional features facilitate the image, information and analytics needs for efficient payments processing.

Comerica’s Lockbox Plus Coupon service is designed to collect and process an organization’s accounts receivable payments when detailed invoice information is needed for reconcilement. Lockbox Plus Coupon is for organizations that receive payments with OCR readable coupons that originate from your Payors. Once payments are processed, Comerica will send a customized Accounts Receivable file daily to allow for upload into your system.

Comerica has Lockbox sites in Dallas, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. Other site options may be available upon request.

Additional Product Options

  • Electronic Lockbox — Comerica’s Electronic Lockbox allows you to collect payments from your consumers who submit payments electronically. Comerica receives and converts the consumer-initiated payment detail into your organization’s defined format, updates accounts receivables and posts a consolidated electronic credit to your Comerica deposit account. An electronic image is posted to the Retail Lockbox application online for viewing. Without Electronic Lockbox, these online payments are converted to a check and mailed for processing; taking longer to process and post.
  • Account Look-up — Adding Account Look-Up can significantly enhance your Lockbox experience. Payments received without coupons are forwarded to you to research the missing or incorrect information and then returned to Comerica for deposit, delaying posting and your access to available funds by days. With Account Look-Up, we match account receivable file information that you transmit to Comerica to the payments with the correct information provided. This eliminates manual look-up, allowing us to post the payment the same day.
  • Mark Sense — Provides an automated solution for identifying manual coupon changes (i.e. address change notices, etc.).
  • Online Exceptions — Allows for timely resolution of unmatched account receivable file exceptions through an online interface.
  • Online Archive and Reports — Gives immediate data for customer service, collections and release of goods decisions. Also allows access to Lockbox reports online at the end of the processing day, eliminating the need for daily packages to 
be mailed.
  • Stop File Processing — Minimizes the risk of accepting a payment your company does not want processed. We take the stop file that you transmit to Comerica and look for matches on incoming payments. If we find a match, we reject the payment and return it to your organization as an exception.
  • Image File Transfer — Allows you to populate your in-house archive with images from your Lockbox.
  • Credit Card Processing — Provides optional payment options for remitters (payors).
  • Multiple Deposit Account Processing — Allows a single Lockbox to process into multiple deposit accounts. Payment items will be deposited based on predefined entity indicators.

To learn more about Comerica Lockbox Plus Coupon, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management Representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490.