Corporations increasingly recognize that receivables represent one of their largest and most liquid assets. If your company is like most, you probably receive payments in a broader variety of payments types than ever before. This creates challenges to streamlining your receivables operations.

By consolidating, or integrating, data from all of the various incoming payment types into one, you streamline your receivables processes. Through this integration, you can increase your company’s working capital and, in turn, maintain control of your back office expenses. Efficient receivables processes also provide quick reliable data for cash flow forecasts, and a more cost-effective way of managing the growing number of receivables exceptions. 

Aggregate, Automate and Accelerate Receivables

The solution includes three powerful components that aggregate, automate and accelerate receivables:

  • Aggregate all payments information, images and data. Supports payments of any type, from any paper-based or electronic channel, and captured at any centralized or remote location. Our integrated architecture insures that lockbox, ACH, wire transfer, credit card and remote deposit are all seamlessly integrated into one hub.
  • Automate receivables processing by bringing all receivables, from any payments system, together in one central information hub. It provides enhanced notification, storage, and archive functionality, as well as consolidated outputs for extracts and posting.
  • Accelerate cash application and reporting by delivering a single integrated user experience across all receivables. The web-based portal offers a comprehensive view of data and exception processing tools, allowing users to view all of their payments and to search and extract information, images and data. The portal can help your company improve liquidity management by providing actionable insights and data such as receivables reporting, buyer payment performance, and receivables forecasts. Customizable dashboards allow users to review and extract rich data from the hub.

Improve Cash Flow and Your Bottom Line

Comerica’s Integrated Receivables gives you the key to greater cash flow and profitability. You benefit from unprecedented speed and accuracy in receivables processing. The solution will help you lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and increase working capital. You’ll also get better and timelier data for cash and credit management.

Get Integrated Today and Take Advantage of:

  • A single online view of all receivables payments and details
  • A consolidated data file to update your accounts receivable system, in your format of choice
  • Accelerated application of cash to the balance sheet
  • Reduced exception handling time and costs by automating the workflow process
  • Faster output for reporting and cash application
  • Better cash and credit management

To learn more about Comerica Integrated Receivables, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management Representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490.