Integrate Your Payables Process

With today’s ever-changing technology, keeping your company’s payment systems current can be a daunting task.

How do you know what systems and software to invest in and when? How do you merge legacy paper and electronic payments into one streamlined system?

At Comerica, we’ve taken the worry out of integrating your company’s accounts payable process with Comerica Integrated PayablesTM.

Connect Your Systems, Streamline your Resources

Our comprehensive, fully-automated payment service can help you streamline your resources to save time and money by consolidating all payment types into a single file.

No more switching back and forth between different systems and payment processes; with Comerica Integrated Payables all of your payments to vendors, employees, and other payees are initiated from one source.

Best of all, you can tailor our Integrated Payables solution to fit your needs.

  • Control your costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Streamline your payment process

Pay Multiple Payees with One Secure Solution

With Comerica Integrated Payables you prepare and send one consolidated payment file, allowing you to streamline and automate the process while maintaining a level of control over your cash flow.  Consolidate any of the following payment types into one safe and secure file transmission:

  • Comerica Commercial CardTM
  • Wire Transfer
  • ACH
  • Check

Reduce Paper, Increase Productivity

As more and more companies develop their sustainability and cost saving efforts, the transition from paper to electronic payments becomes a key component. Comerica Integrated Payables puts you on the cutting edge.

Improve Cash Flow and Your Bottom Line

Because every second and penny counts, Comerica Integrated Payables helps you stay on top of both.

By automating your accounts payable processing, you can improve your cash flow by gaining control over your payments.

Get Connected Today  

  • Transition from paper to electronic payments
  • Save time and money
  • Gain control over payments
  • Improve cash flow
  • Enhance access to payment information
  • Increase fraud protection

How it Works

Using Comerica Integrated Payables is simple, secure and straightforward.

  • Create a payment file in your accounts payable system indicating how you want each payment made.
  • Transmit the file to Comerica through a safe and secure file transmission.

Comerica will then distribute your payments per your instructions.

Implementation Process

The implementation process will begin once you sign Comerica's Integrated Payables service agreement.  We will provide file specifications for you to create an XML or SWIFT file from your accounts payable system.  A Comerica Implementation Specialist will work with you throughout the file development process, training, first live file and monitor payment files for the first few weeks afterward to ensure that everything is working as expected.

Comerica Integrated Payables Sample Check

  • Allows U.S. delivery via U.S.P.S (default) or overnight delivery via FedEx
  • Supports U.S. and Canadian dollar specifications
  • Provides an optional file of PDF images of issued checks for your records

Plus, enhance your fraud protection with our optional Positive Pay service.  We can create your check issue file for our Positive Pay service so as checks are presented for payment, they can be matched to your check issues.


To learn more about Comerica Integrated PayablesTM, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management Representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490.