It Pays to Do More with Less

If you're like most companies, your current payables process consumes far too much time and labor.  Between initiating ACH payments, entering wire transfers and preparing, printing and mailing checks, you may have an entire department dedicated to each labor-intensive task.

So how can you reduce expenses while increasing productivity?  Do you need assistance in migrating your vendors from checks to electronic payments?

Streamline your Accounts Payable Process with Comerica Integrated Payables WebTM

Imagine being able to initiate payments to vendors and employees quickly and easily by sending files from your accounts payable system directly to Comerica.  Comerica Integrated Payables Web gives you the flexibility to submit files, while consolidating approvals.

Simplify your Accounts Payable Process — Create payment files in your preferred file format to initiate all your payments, no matter what the file type or combination including ACH, Comerica Commercial CardTM, wire transfer or check.  You determine the optimal file transfer frequency and payment types that best fit your needs.

Increase Cost Savings — Since everything is integrated into one process, you'll reduce costs.  You'll no longer need to manually re-enter payment instructions, plus you'll eliminate associated printing, stuffing and mailing processes.

Mitigate Risk and Increase Security — Add multiple approval layers for predefined thresholds, if desired.  Your company can also eliminate the need for check stock storage, have more control over payment amounts and dates, and reduce the risk of unauthorized card transactions.

Improved Notifications — You and your vendors can receive email notifications of payment.

Improved Cash Flow — By automating your accounts payable process, you gain control over your payments, resulting in an improved cash flow and bottom line.

Transition from Paper to Electronic Payments — As more and more companies develop sustainability efforts, the transition from paper to electronic become a key component of their overall strategy.  With Comerica Integrated Payables Web, your company can reduce the costs of making payments and support your green initiatives.

Provide Benefit to your Vendors — Your vendors will benefit through the use of the Vendor Portal (FIS Integrated Payables) which allows for easy reconciliation of each of your payments with corresponding invoices, export of payment and remittance information into the vendor's accounting system, improved cash flow visibility and reduced internal processing costs.

Optimize your Existing Accounts Payable System — Comerica Integrated Payables Web allows you to use your existing accounts payable system to send payment instructions directly to Comerica.


Comprehensive and Straightforward Solution

Using Comerica Integrated Payables Web is fast, secure and straightforward.

  • Your company prepares and forwards a payment file from your accounts payable system to Comerica for ACH, Commercial Card, wire transfer and check payments.  File forwarding options include automated transmissions or user upload through our secure Comerica Business ConnectTM online portal.
  • We execute your payment instructions and route them through the payment method you designate.
  • Status updates are available through the online portal.  Automated responses can be provided back to your accounts payable system, including payment reference information.

Commercial Card

  • Vendor Cards are issued virtually - without plastic - individually in the vendors name.
  • Vendor Cards are issued with protected, blocked status including an amount and date range for the vendor to process the payment.
  • Once the authorization amount has been used, or the date range has expired, the Vendor Card is automatically closed.


  • Future value dating up to 30 days in advance
  • No need to store vendor bank account information internally


  • Future value dating up to 30 days in advance
  • Supports U.S. and Canadian check specifications
  • Allows U.S. delivery via USPS (default) or overnight delivery via FedEx
  • Optional PDF images of issued checks

Plus, enhance your fraud protection with our optional Positive Pay service.  We can create your check issue file for our Positive Pay service so as checks are presented for payment, they can be matched to your check issues.

Wire Transfer

  • Future value dating up to 30 days in advance
  • Supports Domestic, International (USD/Foreign Currency) and Drawdown wires


Implementation Process

The implementation process will begin once you sign Comerica's Integrated Payables Web service agreement.  A Comerica Implementation Specialist will work with you throughout the file development process, training, first live file and monitor payment files for the first few weeks afterward to ensure that everything is working as expected.


Contact Us

To learn more about Comerica Integrated Payables Web, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management Representative or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490.