Powered By Revenue Management Solutions (RMS)

Comerica Bank understands the challenges of healthcare remittance and payments processing. Healthcare organizations receive remittances from multiple sources using a wide assortment of forms and formats. Manual posting of these payments is time-consuming and error-prone. Slower processing results in reduced cash flow for your organization. 

Fortunately, Comerica has an industry-leading solution to help healthcare providers, billers, and other healthcare entities more efficiently and effectively manage their revenue cycles. It also helps to significantly lower the administrative burdens associated with manually posting paper explanations of benefits (EOBs) and electronic remittance advices (ERAs). Comerica's Healthcare Receivables Automation solution works with all major practice management systems.

Control Your Bottom Line with the Power of Revenue Management Solutions

The Comerica Healthcare Receivables Automation (HRA) solution, powered by Revenue Management Solutions (RMS), leverages technology to streamline payment and remittance processing. HRA delivers a standardized payment stream for healthcare clients that reduces manual tasks, increases processing speed of benefits posting, increases the accuracy of matching EOBs to payments, and speeds identification of denied or underpaid claims, all while improving overall management information.

HRA Delivers End-to-End Automation

The Comerica HRA solution offers advanced technology that automates the process of converting paper EOBs into an electronic format. This information is matched to your patient payments and ERA information from government or insurance payers, providing full-circle patient encounter administration. Our solution provides the ability to view and work correspondence and denial queues online. Your online archive is also available to you for future use. We don't stop there; we provide you with a daily 835 file so remittance and related claims information can easily post to your practice management system.

Benefits of HRA

  • Significantly reduces the costs of back-office operations
  • Decreases revenue cycle days
  • Increases total dollars collected
  • Speeds access to claims information and reduces research time
  • Reduces posting error rates
  • Improves revenue cycle management reporting

HRA Features

Comerica’s HRA solution is your gateway for both paper and electronic remittances.

  • Claim to remit to payment matching and reconciliation
  • Conversion of paper EOBs to ANSI X12 835
  • ERA consolidation or normalization
  • Capture or extraction of any defined field
  • Automation of secondary billing and cost analysis
  • Customized reporting using your own data
  • ASP operating environment eliminates the need for costly hardware or software
  • Searchable access to online archive of your claims and all documents associated with revenue cycle
  • Dual user posting controls to minimize exceptions


To learn more about Comerica Healthcare Receivables Automation, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management Representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 800.852.3649