Dedicated to title, escrow, and other unique deposit-oriented industries

Whether you’re a title company, escrow company, or have other unique depository requirements, Comerica’s Financial Services Division (FSD) is here to meet your needs. We provide a complete choice of industry-specific depository, credit, treasury management and custom balance usage options.

FSD also provides a proactive, hands-on approach, with a relationship team assigned to your account for personalized service. Other resources available to you include an FSD Lending Specialist to cover your credit needs, as well as Product Specialists representing specific areas, such as leasing, Special Corporate Financial Services and treasury management.

Expertise That’s on Time and on Target

Comerica is one of the country’s 25 largest banking companies, with over 165 years of experience helping our clients succeed*. As the leading bank for business, the Financial Services Division has both the industry experience and the unique products you can depend on, delivered by a dedicated team of responsive professionals.

Our Services Set the Standard

We understand the unique demands of the title and escrow industry and provide solutions to meet them. We can help you:

  • Manage your depository accounts and the special handling needs of wire transfers with our customized processing procedures and controls
  • Control your large-dollar and time-sensitive daily transactions with our broad array of Treasury Management services
  • Use our Remote Cashier’s Check Service to produce cashier’s checks in your office, providing a convenience for your customers, as well as added internal controls and security for you
  • Use Comerica Business Deposit Capture® to transmit deposits electronically, allowing your deposits to enter the collection stream faster and reducing the cost, risk and clearing times associated with paper checks
  • Streamline your procure-to-pay process for all types of business expenses with Comerica Commercial CardSM, and use Comerica Workplace CardSM for payroll, incentives, vendor and other payments
  • Minimize administrative headaches through FSD’s accurate, timely, responsive and dedicated customer service for opening, closing or modifying accounts, transferring funds, and information and transaction reporting
  • Ease the filing and retrieval of information with Comerica’s imaging services

For experience and expertise you can count on, call: 800.376.0430