At Comerica, we understand what’s important to your export business. One of your primary goals is to maximize sales and profits. And at the same time, minimize risk and costs, accelerate the collection of receivables, and simplify the management of your trade process.

With Comerica’s comprehensive range of export solutions, you can achieve your goals and strengthen the way you do business globally. 

Export Letters of Credit

Reduce your risk of non-payment and conduct your export business with greater confidence with Export Letters of Credit. When dealing with an unfamiliar buyer or a buyer in a new or emerging market, you may be reluctant to assume the potential risks, including buyer non-payment, buyer bank non-performance, and country instability.

An Export Letter of Credit will enable you to substitute your buyer’s credit with that of their bank, providing a higher level of support and assurance that you will receive payment from your buyer, while protecting the title to your goods. For greater assurance, Comerica can provide you with an Export Letter of Credit confirmation, if you have concerns regarding the performance of your buyer’s bank or the stability of your buyer’s country.

Standby Letters of Credit

Protect your interests and provide the assurance your buyers require that you will fulfill your financial and performance obligations with a Standby Letter of Credit. A versatile financial instrument, it can be used to support your export transactions in a variety of ways, helping you conduct your global business more easily and securely.

Use a Standby Letter of Credit to back bid bond, performance bond, and advance payment guarantee obligations to your buyer, or as a secondary means of payment if your buyer fails to pay you as agreed.

Documentary Collections

Increase payment protection and expedite processing with a Documentary Collection. When you’re dealing with a known and trusted buyer, but still require control over the transfer of goods and funds, a Documentary Collection will enable you to facilitate payment from your buyer, relatively simply and cost-effectively.

You maintain control over the delivery of your goods until payment or a promise of payment from your buyer has been received. Through the instructions you provide to Comerica, you also maintain control over how your collection should be handled.

Export Financing

Enhance your cash flow and maximize your export sales with Comerica’s innovative financing solutions – designed to meet your pre- and post-export needs. Our export financing solutions include working capital loans, foreign buyer financing, and foreign receivable financing/discounting. We can structure a solution tailor made for you directly through Comerica or through a wide range of programs offered by government agencies and private sector insurers.

The ability to get competitive financing can mean the difference between gaining and losing a new business opportunity. Our extensive experience with offshore lending and Ex-Im Bank1 programs give us an edge over our competition. Comerica is one of the leading lenders nationwide for the Ex-Im Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program, and holds the highest-level Ex-Im Bank Delegated Authority designation, allowing us to commit working capital loans independently – meaning faster turnaround for you.

Online Global Trade Services

Simplify and speed your trade process with Comerica GlobalTRADE Web®, our innovative, Web-based solution for managing global trade transactions. Manage your Export Letters of Credit, Standby Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections online, in real-time, 24/7.