As a leading provider of global trade solutions, Comerica Bank understands that as an exporter, one of your primary business goals is to optimize working capital.

The Ex-Im1 Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program is a pre-export financing solution designed to enable United States (U.S.) exporters – large and small – to obtain loans to facilitate the export of goods and services. These working capital loans are made by commercial lenders such as Comerica Bank and are backed by Ex-Im Bank’s guarantee.

The guaranteed working capital loans can be used to:

  • Purchase finished products for export
  • Pay for raw materials, equipment, supplies, labor and overhead to produce goods and/or provide services for export
  • Cover standby letters of credit serving as bid bonds, performance bonds, or payment guarantees
  • Finance foreign receivables


Eligible Exporters:

  • Must be located in the U.S.
  • Must have at least a one-year operating history
  • Must have a positive tangible net worth

Indirect Exporters:

  • Companies that produce goods or services that are sold and subsequently exported are also eligible for working capital loans guaranteed by Ex-Im Bank

Eligible Exports:

  • Products must be shipped from the U.S.
  • Products must have at least 50% U.S. content (if less than 50%, Ex-Im Bank can only support the export up to the percent of the U.S. content)
  • Services must be performed by U.S.-based personnel

Military or defense items are generally not eligible, nor are sales to military buyers (with certain exceptions).

Ex-Im Bank Guarantee2

Ex-Im Bank generally guarantees 90% of the bank loan, including principal and interest. For qualified loans to minority-, woman-owned or rural businesses, Ex-Im Bank can increase its guarantee coverage to 100%.

Repayment Terms

Loan terms are typically for one year though can go up to three years. The loan can be either transaction-specific or revolving.


The guaranteed working capital loans are secured by export-related accounts receivable and inventory (including work-in-process–WIP) tied to an export order.

Global Market Coverage

Ex-Im Bank provides coverage for markets throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. Ex-Im Bank’s Country Limitation Schedule lists the countries for which coverage is provided and those for which it is not.

Exporter Benefits

Exporters may receive higher advance rates providing them with greater liquidity to:

  • Accept new business and fulfill export sales orders
  • Increase export sales by turning export-related inventory and accounts receivable into cash
  • Compete more effectively in the global marketplace

Advance rates:

  • Inventory: Up to 75% advance rate (including WIP)
  • Foreign Accounts Receivable: Up to 90% advance rate
  • Actual advance rates will vary from company to company, depending on various factors

The Benefit of Working With Comerica Bank

Comerica Bank has extensive experience with the Ex-Im Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program3.  Comerica was named the 2018 Lender of the Year by the Export-Import Bank of the United States.  As a second-time winner of the award, Comerica continues to be one of Ex-Im's most active lenders. 

Comerica holds the “Super” (highest-level) Delegated Authority Lender designation, allowing us to commit credit facilities up to $10 million per borrower, without pre-approval from Ex-Im Bank, thus expediting the loan process for our customers. We also hold the “Fast Track” Lender designation (one of only eight financial institutions nationwide3), allowing us to commit credit facilities greater than $10 million and up to $25 million per borrower, with expedited Ex-Im Bank approval.

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About Ex-Im Bank

Ex-Im Bank is the official export credit agency of the U.S. Ex-Im Bank’s mission is to assist in financing the export of U.S. goods and services to international markets. Ex-Im Bank provides working capital guarantees (pre-export financing); export credit insurance; and loan guarantees and direct loans (buyer financing).