As with most professions, experience counts. Comerica Escrow Trust Accounting is no exception to this rule. And when it comes to experience, our over 30 years of service gives us a unique understanding of your needs and how to meet them. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

At Comerica, we are dedicated escrow trust accounting professionals who provide a level of service unparalleled in the industry. From our responsive account representatives to our customer service units to our detailed escrow auditors, we provide services that exceed your exacting requirements.

Comerica offers full-service business bank products and services.

  • We’re escrow and banking professionals — We commit ourselves to knowing both your escrow accounting and banking service needs.
  • Our services offer integrated information — As escrow and financial transactions unite, reconcilement is performed much more quickly and accurately. And, with our immediate access to escrow and bank account information, we can be more responsive to your inquiries.
  • Dedicated resources assigned to your account — You have our commitment to provide you the best service available through a dedicated team that is prepared to handle all details of your account. 

Our service offers several unique features, such as:

  • Multi-level consolidation — will support up to five levels of consolidation detail and summary information.
  • Daily reconcilement — With our unique advantage of providing both escrow/sub-accounting and banking services, we are able to perform faster and more accurately than our competition. And, our daily reconcilement ensures the accuracy of your account is maintained throughout the month.
  • Timely month-end reconcilement — We pride ourselves on providing fast and accurate services that meet regulatory time frames.
  • Daily data transmissions — With our data transmission service, account balancing accuracy is improved, and keypunch errors are virtually eliminated.
  • Comprehensive reporting — many detail and summary reports available online, including customized field selections. Data export available in many formats (text, PDF, Excel, Word).
  • Online access — Our web application is accessible 24/7, and available only to authorized personnel.
  • Positive Pay — Inherent with our service is the added security of our integrated positive pay process, which can guard your company from potential fraudulent checks.
  • Disaster recovery — To guard against potential disaster and assist us with recovery efforts, duplicate systems and records are maintained in our archives.
  • Form 1099S reporting — timely and electronic filing of 1099S records with the IRS, including annual mailing of 1099S statements to clients.

We welcome your business. For additional information or to speak to one of our account representatives, please contact our Title Escrow Operations Department at 800.669.6545.